Lighting is about more than bulbs and fixtures.

The interaction of light, shape, space, and color inspires comfort and elegance in every room. Inspired lighting lifts spirits and puts you and your guests at ease. It’s also the easiest way to elevate or update an older space.

Light enhances every moment; our morning routines, time with family and friends. Quality lighting creates a mood and adds aesthetic value to your space.

What’s the point of excellent interior design if you don’t have the right lighting to show it off?

Our team of passionate experts believes that lighting is more than a practical necessity. We are your guide to lighting systems that not only fit your space but also fit the way you live. 

Tap into the power of light.



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When it comes to lighting details matter.

About Galleria Lighting:

When it comes to lighting details matter. Thoughtful lighting creates an atmosphere, inspires productivity, and motivates us. For too many people, lighting is an afterthought – a practical feature of a room rather than a design element. With guidance from the experts at Galleria Lighting, light becomes the subtle (or not-so-subtle) element that kicks your home design up a notch.

For nearly 30 years, we’ve been guiding Colorado’s consumers to the best lighting solutions for their needs. Whether you’re buying a task lamp or outfitting your smart home with the latest in lighting technology, you’ll enjoy the same level of expert service. Our experienced hands-on lighting specialists are here to guide you to the best solution – not the most expensive solution. Illuminate your home with experts you can trust.