Are you suffering from a dim bathroom? We’ve got ten bathroom lighting ideas to help. 


Relaxing in the tub surrounded by candles and soft lighting sounds excellent, but aside from this scenario, a dim bathroom isn’t pleasant – nor is it functional. Inefficient bathroom lighting makes an ample space feel small and turns everyday tasks into a flirtation with danger (don’t shave or apply mascara in the dark). 

People spend hours selecting their living room lighting, dining and kitchen light fixtures, and bedroom lighting, but often overlook the importance of efficient (and attractive) bathroom lighting. 


Don’t neglect your bathroom lighting; after all, it’s where you start and end the day. 

And, compared with most bathroom renovations, lighting upgrades are a simple and budget-friendly way to revamp an outdated (or dark) space. Regardless of the style or size of your bathroom, there’s no shortage of sconces, flush-mounts, pendants, and even chandeliers from which you can choose. 


Make the most of your space (and stay safe and looking your best) with the ten bathroom lighting ideas below. 



1. Get in the zone.


You can solve common design problems by first analyzing the space. What are its properties? How is it used? Split your bathroom into zones: bath, vanity, and shower. Use task lighting around the vanity where bright light is needed and consider installing LEDs or spots in vertical rows alongside mirrors as opposed to above. This gives you flattering light and minimizes shadows. In small areas, mirrored cabinets with integrated lighting is a simple and easy solution. 


 2. Maximize natural light. 

An all-white bathroom sets a tone that’s bright, fresh, and clean. White paint allows you to harness natural light to lessen the pressure on light fixtures; small flush-mount lights provide ample illumination because of the way natural light brightens your white walls, tub, and ceiling. 


3. Double-down with small pendants.


In a small and dark bathroom with natural textures and earthy decor, double down on lighting in front of your mirror to ensure the perfect level of brightness. Smaller pendants are an excellent option for bathrooms where wall space is at a premium. 



4. Read and relax. 


If you’re curling up with a good book in the bathtub, your reading light is as essential in the bathroom as it is on a bedside table. A swing-arm sconce provides ample light and style—it’s the perfect way to create a cozy bathtub nook for self-care. 



5. Replace your lightbulbs.


Replacing light bulbs is a simple and easy way to brighten up your bath. We like to use cool white, bright white, or daylight bulbs in bathroom lighting schemes to minimize shadows and provide the maximum output around a vanity. Consider ambient light in bathing spaces, like baths and showers. 



6. Layer your light. 


Like everywhere else in your home, great lighting in your bathroom is essential, and layering your sources light provides the best results. Try using a combination of overhead light from a chandelier (if you have the room), natural light from windows, and light from above mirror fixtures to cover all of your bathroom lighting needs. 

7. Mix shapes, styles, and textures.


Use color, texture, style, and shape to achieve balance and rhythm in your bathroom lighting scheme. Contrasting (but complimentary) finishes in light fixtures enhance texture, and lights of varied shapes, styles, and sizes achieve balance and rhythm.



8. Use functional lighting. 


Try using a pair of wall sconces to illuminate a freestanding bathroom vanity. In some cases, mounting sconces directly to the wall mirror maximizes their visual impact and offers shadow-free grooming. 


9. Illuminate bathroom art. 


If you have art in your bathroom, accent lighting shows it off. Recessed directional light fixtures give focused light for each piece of wall art or illuminate an architectural feature like an alcove used to display pottery or sculptures.  



10. Up your style quotient with pendants.


Pendants, in pairs or as a standalone fixture, give your bathroom a custom look. Drop them on either side of your mirror or vanity, or use a single pendant over your bathtub in place of a chandelier (assuming ceiling height allows) for extra function and style. 

If your bathroom is functional but uninspired, or worse, if it’s uninspired and missing functionality, it’s time for an update.


 A well-considered bathroom lighting scheme is a simple way to update an older space or to ramp-up the style in a new home. Make a statement in your bathroom with smart task lighting, pendants or a chandelier, and even an elegant table or floor lamp. Like the other rooms in your home, mixing textures, styles, and shapes adds interest and personality to a bathroom.  


Do you need help creating a beautiful and inspired bathroom lighting scheme? We’re here to help! Visit one of our two metro Denver showrooms for a consultation with a bathroom lighting specialist.