Floor lamps are the secret to transforming the look, feel, and comfort of your space.

Floor lamps are an essential component of any well-lit room, and they have a massive impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Light your space, elevate your style, and indulge in comfort with these ten tips for selecting the right floor lamps for your home.

Brighten up the corners.

Illuminate dark corners with attractive floor lamps! Corner-hugging floor lamps are excellent for brightening up rooms with existing ceiling light (pendants, chandeliers, etc.), or if you want to keep things tidy and out of high-traffic areas. And, if they are the only source of light in your room (note: we rarely suggest that floor lamps be your single light source), placing a floor lamp in each corner ensures efficient lighting.

Cozy up to sofas and chairs.

If you’re lighting a furniture grouping that includes a sofa and chairs or illuminating a single reading chair, well-lit seating arrangements make for a comfortable, functional, and welcoming space. And for our cord-management obsessed customers, placing floor lamps next to sofas and chairs makes it easier to conceal unsightly cables (and minimizes tripping hazards). Depending on the way you plan to use the seating areas, you can select floor lamp styles that provide ambient light (like a Torchiere) or a lamp that features a downward shade for direct illumination.

Shed light on attractive elements.

We like to use floor lamps to accentuate architectural details, accent chairs, or a coffee table. Here’s how to do it: place an arc floor lamp with a downward shade next to a piece of furniture or decorative feature for direct illumination. The lamp base can rest in the corner or by a sofa (instead of a side table), allowing you to position the shade to highlight attractive decorative elements.

Add jewelry to your room’s decor.

Floor (and table) lamps are the jewelry of your room. And you need to select the right pieces to complement the rest of your rooms furnishings, art, overall theme or vibe, and architectural features. When choosing floor lamps for every room in your home, consider the interior style you’re after. Is it modern? Traditional? Are you skillful at mixing design styles?

Be a sleek minimalist.

Modern and contemporary interiors benefit from simplistic floor lamps that are lofty and streamlined, with drum shades, slim bases, and matte black metals and hardware. Attractive and elegant minimalist interiors have the perfect mixture of lighting to add comfort to what might otherwise be a sparse and cold room.

Tapered and timeless.

Floor lamps featuring tapered shades mix perfectly with traditional interiors and have an irresistible timeless appeal. A little timeless glamour goes a long way. And, for something unexpected, try using a more conventional floor lamp in a contemporary space.

Let’s talk about your flair.

Floor lamps with interesting shades are perfect for adding color and glamour to your room! Look for floor lamps that feature shades with bold patterns and textures, or even beads or tassels if you’re going for a bohemian vibe.

Don’t forget to coordinate.

Coordinate the floor lamps in your room with all of its surrounding pieces. Select shades that are similar in shape to the light itself, and if you are working with a floor lamp featuring a square base, use a square or rectangular lampshade. Catch our drift?

Play with scale.

Like anything else in interior design, you need to be aware of scale. Make sure your selected floor lamps are appropriate for the room and where they are placed. Small lights look out of place in an expansive room, and an oversized floor lamp can dwarf a small room and make it feel claustrophobic. There’s an art to playing with scale in lighting design, and we can help you get it right.

Select the right lamp for the job.

Make sure the floor lamps you select for each room are up for the job. Think about how you use the space and your goals and pick the lights best suited for those needs. For example, if you don’t intend to read in the area, there’s no reason to select a floor lamp with downward and direct lighting; instead, opt for a lamp that directs light upward to provide overall room illumination. 

When the right combination of lighting is missing, even the most well-designed space feels incomplete. Each room in your home needs a mixture of task lighting, accent lighting, and general lighting to set the right tone and provide efficient illumination. Floor lamps fall under the category of task lighting. And since floor lamps play both a decorative and practical role in a space, they are the workhorse of your layered lighting plan. You need to consider shape, style, size, texture, and material when selecting the right combination of floor lamps for your Colorado home, and if you’re struggling, we’re here to help!

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