Your hallway is just as important as any other area of your home when it comes to lighting. Proper hallway lighting is important not only for illumination, but aesthetics as well. As we shine a little more light on this subject, these five hallway lighting fixtures for your home will spark some ideas for style, and perhaps a whole new DIY project.

Mini Pendant Lights

For a rustic, farmhouse look, adding many pendant lights to your home provides a warm glow in mud rooms and walkways. Pendant lighting is cool and casual anyway and can be layered and styled to bring the right lighting to your hallway. Modern pendant lights bring illumination to dark corners and come in a variety of styles that work together when paired. The brilliance of pendant lighting is in the ability to bring adequate lighting to areas of your home. The mini pendant lights come in a variety of modern styles that fit your hallway lighting scheme.


For relatively spacious hallways, add a modern twist with something a little larger, yet still providing warm illumination to the entire unit. Chandeliers are elegant and luxurious all on their own and are available in many shapes and sizes. They provide the perfect lighting for dark entryways and create a dramatic ambience. With a variety of sizes and styles from your lighting store Castle Rock showroom, you can choose from crystal chandeliers, mini to large modern styles and dimmers that create perfect glow.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is best in areas of your home that need direct beams of light. Living rooms and kitchens are the best areas for track lighting. This type of lighting is versatile and efficient, adding a contemporary feel to your decor. There are a few styles of track heads to choose from, from colored glass to smaller, modern track heads which come in basic black or white. Track lighting also compliments other lighting elements in the room and can be paired according to your style and hallway depth.

Table Lamps

For a vintage feel, you can create almost another room in your home using your hallway. Lamps are an appliance which illuminates and brightens the space in a fixed area of your hallway. Lamp lighting is a perfect addition to your fixed ceiling track lighting as it brings some extra light and style to your hallway. In combination with other lighting, you can choose from wall lamps, candlestick lamps, torchieres, table lamps or even transitional lamps.

Ceiling Lights

These majestic lighting schemes aren’t just for your lighting store Castle Rock showroom. Ceiling lights complete the look of your room in a subtle way. They are high quality and illuminate in all the right places. Adding the right overhead lighting for your hallway presents no-fuss decorating ideas as well. Ceiling lights are out of the way but visible enough to know they’re present. And you can combine them with other pendant lighting fixtures to bring out certain qualities of hallways. Ceiling lights can be dispersed as a utility, flush mount, or recessed lighting, depending on the hallway scheme and your current needs.

The Best Lighting for Your Hallway

The most efficient hallway lighting is not aesthetics alone but the overall use and function. While your lighting schemes should provide a comfortable aesthetic, adding adequate illumination to your room or space is a must, especially when it comes to your hallways.

Your hallway deserves attention, so let’s create a space in your home that stands out but blends perfectly. Shop high quality lights now to see our many selections at our Galleria lighting showroom today!