How Do Choose a Kitchen Lighting Fixture?

Lighting in your kitchen is what high quality knives are to a chef. There's nothing more frustrating than using dull knives, and just like lighting in the kitchen, you need to cook, prepare food, gather with friends, and just feel comfortable in a well-lit area. You have quite a few options when picking the best kitchen lighting fixture.


Your Kitchen Function - The Layout

The overall function and aesthetics of your kitchen is just as important as the lighting itself being functional. If you built and designed your home yourself, chances are you knew exactly what you wanted in the kitchen because you designed it. However, if you purchased your home from someone else, the kitchen layout was already designed and set. You could change some minor elements of your kitchen to make it more functional for you and your family. However, when you're thinking, “I'm on a search for kitchen lighting near me,” you quickly realize the options are confusing.

Many homeowners don't actually know the layout of their kitchen, other than their personal experience and its appearance. Some homes just have a one-wall layout kitchen which is exactly how it sounds: one whole wall dedicated to your kitchen prep and cooking. It may consist of a single wall of cabinets with lower and upper shelves and is typically found in smaller kitchens. The L-shaped kitchens are another popular kitchen style and are an option for both large and small kitchens. This workspace is shaped like a letter  L with two perpendicular walls with cabinets all around. It's a very practical space for extra storage and even has a small seating area to utilize as you meal prep. Another popular kitchen design is the gallery kitchen, which consists of cabinets in two rows that face each other. This kitchen layout is a cost-efficient option, giving homeowners that extra storage.

Your kitchen layout will help you determine whether you need a pendant light, LED lighting,track lighting, or a chandelier. Do you think a ceiling or wall-mounted fixture will give your kitchen the look that you desire? If you have a kitchen island, do you use it for gathering or food prep? Or both? Who occupies the kitchen more? Is it a heavily-trafficked area? Do you have children and pets? All of these questions are key in finding the right lighting for your kitchen. Lighting can dull gorgeous colors and make an uncomfortable spot light. So before you set out in search of kitchen lighting stores near you, determine what  purpose the lighting fixtures in your kitchen will serve.


Lighting Fixtures - Endless Options

Is your home a major entertainment spot for guests? Or do you find a traffic of hungry kids of all ages making their way to “Mom's Kitchen” after school? You can choose your lighting elements carefully and based on your home's environment. Decorative layers of light keep a cozy and well-lit room. And if you want something eye catching, chandeliers and sconces provide a pleasant layer of lighting that adds dimension and depth.

Don't hesitate to go bold with your lighting. You can always tone it down with an easy dim light feature. You can find lighting that adds a translucent element to the rest of the room. These come in various shapes and sizes that will add a pop of color and be the ultimate talking-piece.

You can even add a light dimension in your cabinets and under your counters, which adds a beautiful glow to your fine china. Cabinet lights are becoming increasingly popular, as they add a cozy ambience to your kitchen.

With some very important details to consider and the help of an efficient contractor, you can create the best looking (and most functional) kitchen space of your dreams. It all comes down to lighting. Galleria Lighting will help you choose the right pendant, chandelier, or even track lighting for your kitchen needs. Stop by today!

Three Styles of Kitchen Island Pendant Lights

When it comes to your kitchen, lighting is everything. Whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet family meal, kitchen lighting can have dramatic effects on the mood of your gathering. You’ll notice a variety of styles, shapes, and colors that fit the look of your kitchen. Outdated or dull kitchen lighting can really make or break the function of your kitchen. These three kitchen lighting styles over your island can enhance your workspace while creating a stressless setting for cooking and gathering.

Discovering Your Kitchen’s Style

So, maybe you’re thinking of installing a kitchen island and want a pop of lighting to reflect the detail. Or maybe you just want to make use of your already installed island space with a little more cooking inspiration. Whatever the reason, you will need to take a look at your overall kitchen style. This style discovery will help you determine the “what” and “why” for your kitchen island and how the lighting will serve the purpose you’re trying to achieve. What’s your intention for this space? How is your island going to serve a useful purpose? Will you be prepping and cooking meals? Will it be a place for guests to sit and eat? Will it have drawers and cupboard space? All of these questions will help you decide the kind of lighting you need before you go and buy something based on aesthetics alone.

Three Kitchen Island Pendant Styles

Now that you have an idea of what you want, you’ll have a better idea of what type of island pendant lighting fixture you’ll need. Don’t trust just any fun or eye-catching light you see; take your ideas to someone who knows about lighting and can better assist you with what will functionally fit your style. A pendant lighting Denver Co. expert can help you choose the right one for you.

The Modern Chandelier

A modern style chandelier is an excellent, traditional way to keep fixed light on your island space. A chandelier provides an even stretch of light across the entire island so you can cook, gather, prep, and  work in a comfortable setting.

Comes in Threes

For a perfectly- lit island space, why not add depth and function with three-tier pendant lighting! More than just aesthetic appeal, adding two or more lights can brighten the entire kitchen when choosing the right pendant lights. When pairing pendant lights, you can get as creative as you like.

Antiquated Antique

Antique lighting can end up being the talking piece of your kitchen. It’s timeless and can transform any kitchen space into a lovely working area. Yes, even an antique lighting fixture can spruce up your kitchen space quite nicely. Most antique fixtures can be revised to fit the functionality of your kitchen. They are capable of being equipped with low/highlight functions and can be rewired to work efficiently with your needs. Be cautious when choosing any antique fixture, especially if you’re looking at a garage or estate sale. These fixtures may not have retained all their functions or have the original paperwork for installation. This can lead to issues, like fire hazards. A pendant lighting Denver Co. expert can better help you understand what you’re getting into with antique fixtures.

Lighting and Island Tips

When you’re looking for kitchen island lighting, adding layers of light can dramatically affect and enhance your kitchen's overall appeal and cut out any glare. The pendant lighting options are limitless and fun to get creative with.

There’s no better way to enhance the look of your kitchen with pendant lights over your island. Every pendant light has its unique charm and serves a purpose in your kitchen. Ask our helpful team at Galleria Lighting to help you choose the right pendant for your kitchen island today!

Using LED Strip Lighting Accessories

Made popular for residential applications in recent years by the social media channel TikTok, LED strip lighting has actually been commonly used in restaurants, bars, and other commercial spaces for years. In case you aren’t familiar with the product, these lights are made on adhesive strips that can be stuck on any smooth surface. They often offer a rainbow of color options and even color combinations on the same strip. They are usually controlled by a remote control and LED strip lighting accessories might be the perfect addition to many spaces in your home. 

LED strip lighting under your cabinets

Under your cabinets are a great place to experiment with LED strip lighting. Not only will the addition add more light to a work space you use every day, it’s also a light source that’s less harsh on your eyes, especially when you’re working on delicate tasks. Adding LED strips under your cabinets will also add to the ambiance of the room, and you can even have fun with the colors for the holidays or special events. 

Consider adding them even lower

It seems like a no-brainer to add LED strips on the underside of your upper cabinets to illuminate the surface below, but have you considered adding them to the space between the bottom of the cabinets and the floor? Having LED lights in this space will add a light source to the floor and create an even safer environment for getting around.  

In your kid’s room

Kids love these LED strips and adding them to their room will be a delight. Consider adding a strip under the bed for a nightlight that offers a delicate glow but in their favorite color. The great news is that LED strips are easy to install and remove, so if they grow out of the night light phase, it’s an easy fix.   

LED strip lighting for your eyes

LED strip lighting can be used to backlight screens that you spend considerable time looking at like TVs or computers. The bright light that emanates from our everyday screens can be really hard on the eyes. Backlighting them can help to diminish eye strain and even make the picture on the screen appear more clear. 

Incorporating LED Lighting for Homes

LED lighting isn’t just for flashy bars and restaurants anymore. Interior designers are incorporating the lighting solution in residential spaces now too. If you’re considering doing something a bit different and more modern in your home, consider these tips on incorporating LED lighting for homes. 

The benefits of LED lighting

LED lighting delivers many benefits over traditional lighting options. They provide big time energy savings because they produce light in a much more efficient way compared to traditional CFL or incandescent lighting options. The bulbs also aren’t the traditional light bulb shape so they can be added to a room in unique ways. 

LED lighting and brightness

Brightness is an important component when considering LED lighting solutions. LED brightness is measured in lumens and a, for reference, even though it's like comparing apples to oranges, a typical LED bulb emits about 800 lumens, about the same brightness as a 60W bulb would. The color appearance of the light is measured in kelvins, and typically, the lower the kelvin number, the warmer the light will look and feel. 

Different types of lighting

One home might utilize many different types of lighting. Ambient lighting provides enough light so that you can see things in a space. Task lighting provides additional lighting in a small space where work is being completed. Accent lighting is often used to highlight something in a room and decorative lighting is created by lamps and other fixtures that add to the design aesthetic of a space. LED lighting can do all of those things.  

LED lighting products

There are many types of LED products on the market from which to choose. The best products have been safety tested and should offer a warranty for at least a few years from date of purchase. You should be able to tell from the package what the lumens are, the power consumption of the lights, the kelvins, and the color accuracy of the product. It may seem like a lot to think about, but based on the popularity of these products in residential spaces, it’s nothing that an experienced lighting expert can’t help you wade through.