Top 6 Modern Chandeliers For Your Home

Chandeliers present an elegant luxury to your home. It can be a show-stopping piece that creates a warm glow around your kitchen, dining, and even bedroom space. At one point in time, the chandelier was a furniture all on its own, dripping with glistening crystals that were handmade and bound together to finish a center masterpiece in your hallway. But not just any chandelier lighting will offer that eye-catching flair. There are plenty of modern chandelier lights Denver CO stores that showcase a brilliant selection that fits your style and budget.

Atomicly Sculptured

Blasting off with a space-like edge while maintaining it’s modern composure, these brass-covered chandeliers expose individual Edison bulbs surrounded by darting gold rod designs. This is a perfect modern talking-piece for your living or dining area and provides a dim light for a warm ambience.

Archaic and Candle Lit

Bringing it back to primitive times, these bold yet classic candle-style chandeliers have taken a modern turn. A single or triple candlestick is set inside an antique metal design. Plays well with your traditional farmhouse house setting and rustic home decor.

Antique White Charm Chandelier

When you want a fixed setting for a small space, a charm chandelier or pendant light can set a cheerful tone in that smaller room. The vintage style chandelier creates the perfect romantic ambience with its picturesque appeal.

Contemporary Crystals Chandeliers

This traditional fixture boasts the classic, luxurious 19th century fashion. When you think of crystal in a lighting setting, your mind's eye gravitates towards the glitz and glam of the 1930’s ballroom or large lofty mansion.  The modern chandelier Denver CO showroom can feature a brilliant crystal fixture that suits just about any room in your home.

The Shell Chandelier

Gaining in popularity are stunning, pearly white flat shells fixed side-by-side in a rectangular setting. Drooping from a metal frame, these shells customarily cascade over one or several rows of lights, giving off a natural glow.

Industrial Wheel Chandelier

Mimicking the wheels of a wagon, This modern yet simple talking piece Will light up the room. Each wheel features an ascending incandescent bulb that diffuses the perfect lighting. It is fixed to a metal frame and provides industrial charm for that farmhouse feel.

Adding Textural Elements Around Your Chandelier

You grasp that the chandelier is a focal point of your room, or perhaps is one of many. But is that the concept you are aiming to achieve? With all the modern chandelier Denver CO fixtures on the market today, you can add depth and texture to your surroundings to create a style that appeals to your current or future decor. For small or narrow rooms, adding light interior colors with monochromatic and efficient lighting designs add a texture and depth to give off a spacious look to your room. Oddly shaped rooms can be transformed to appear brighter by adding darker colors. For example, darker grays and brown contrast over wall art, your table setting, and even a hanging chandelier light. You can mix and match lighting fixtures to broaden the depth and add a layer of illumination. Pendant lights and floor lamps work collectively two disperse layers of light for living spaces, and darker bedrooms would benefit from bedside lamps and sconces placed opposite of the bed.

Whether you're transforming your kitchen or bathroom, you can transform the function and style of your room with just one look. Chandeliers add class and versatility. With our wide variety of modern chandeliers, Galleria Lighting offers top quality and exact designs for your room. Stop by one of our convenient locations today!

Trendy Options for Outdoor Lighting Accessories

Lighting really sets the mood for a space, and choosing the right kind is critically important. If you’re working on the mood of an outdoor space of your home, you have so many great lighting options from which to choose. And if you’ve just started your search, consider these trendy options for outdoor lighting accessories. 

Outdoor lighting accessories

If you’re lucky enough to have some type of water feature in your backyard like a pool or a pond, capitalize on the opportunity when shopping for outdoor lighting accessories. By carefully placing accessories so that they reflect on the water, you’re doubling the illumination of a space. Consider adding hanging bistro lights about the water, utilizing solar fixtures near the edge of the water, or light fixtures that are solar-powered and that illuminate the space as the sun sets. 

Consider the soft glow of fire

One way to instantly add illumination to your backyard space is to do it with fire. A well-positioned gas fireplace or firepit can cast a cozy glow on the entire space. If you haven’t considered an inexpensive fireplace to enhance the lighting of your backyard, you definitely should. Added to traditional lighting fixtures well-placed throughout the space, it will create an ambiance that can’t be beat.  

Illuminate your walkways

It’s a no-brainer to add outdoor lighting accessories Denver to illuminate the sitting areas of your outdoor spaces, but don’t forget to shine a light on walkways throughout your space. Consider incorporating solar-powered path lights to and fro showing visitors the safe path ahead. Your backyard will feel safer and illuminate beautifully in one fell swoop. 

Outdoor lighting accessories and your plants

If your green thumb is on point lately and you have beautiful potted plants to show for it, consider giving them a little attention in your backyard space. Incorporating spotlights in pots, or gently wrapping a set of small string lights around the base of the plant can add ambiance to a space and show off your gardening skills. You can also incorporate directional lighting from above or from below to highlight specific planting areas of your yard.