Innovative smart home lighting keeps your family comfortable and safe.

With each year, home automation systems grow more innovative and affordable. But too many homeowners don’t know that today’s smart home devices can add comfort, convenience, and security to their lifestyles and homes. 


Smart home technology not only saves time and energy (both your physical strength and the power of your home), but home automation tools keep you and your loved ones safe and secure. 


Turning on all your outdoor lights in the evening isn’t what smart home lighting is about. Intelligent home lighting means using the latest in lighting-specific home automation tools to efficiently illuminate and protect your home and your most valuable asset – your family.  


Intelligent and automated lighting is the smart move for convenience and security.


Keep reading to learn five ways smart home lighting improves your home security and comfort.

Personal Safety

Smart home lighting prevents theft and also offers significant personal safety benefits. For example, your outdoor lights can automatically illuminate when you arrive home from work, helping you become more aware of your surroundings. And you won’t have to worry about tripping hazards on your path from the car to your door, or running over your kid’s bike left in the driveway.

Porch Pirates Beware

Smart home lighting prevents theft. Your home lighting control system lets you set rules to determine how your lighting functions. You can set a rule to ensure that the porch light not only stays on throughout the evening but that it also brightens as a person nears your front door. Responsive lighting deters trespassers from attempting a break-in or stealing an Amazon package from your front porch.


Advancements in lighting technology make your life at home more comfortable. You can use your smartphone to control your smart lighting system while you’re away from home or resting on the sofa. Don’t feel like getting off the couch to adjust the lights before you Netflix and chill? No worries. With smart home lighting, you can set the mood without moving a muscle (aside from your fingers).

Interior Lighting

When it comes to home security, interior lighting is just as important as exterior lighting. When you’re traveling, automated smart home lighting lets you set your home’s lights to activate at specific times throughout the day to make it appear as though someone is always at home. It would be best if you didn’t have to worry about returning to a burglarized home after vacation. The only thing you should concern yourself with on vacation is what to eat. 


Also, smart home lighting allows you to control your home’s illumination from a mobile device. If you forgot to set your lighting schedule before leaving for vacation, there’s no need to worry.

Enhanced Intruder Protection

Responsive lighting keeps homeowners aware of potential intruders and is an effective deterrent. Most light and smart home systems include features that allow you to control the level of illumination. And, as we mentioned in point number two of this blog, home lighting automation gives homeowners control over brightness. As an intruder nears your front door, the light grows brighter, and since intruders work under cover of darkness, sufficient illumination makes your home an unattractive target. 


Smart home lighting makes managing your home’s light fixtures a snap. It also keeps you and your family safe. And opting for automated outdoor lighting adds to the curb appeal of your home and provides even more protection against unwelcomed intruders. And that’s a win for you and us.

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