How to Choose the Perfect Light Fixtures for Low Ceilings


Denver is growing quickly, and more and more people are living in apartments and basement suites. That means that the challenge of designing a space with low ceilings is becoming very common. But don’t worry! Just because you have low ceilings doesn’t mean you can’t still have beautiful lighting. What you’re going to want is either a flush-mount or semi-flush mount fixture. Choices in these types of fixtures used to be limited to the old-school “boob lights” or dome lights. Not anymore! Flush-mount and semi-flush mount design has come a long way, and there are now lots of stylish and unique choices available.

Flush mount or semi-flush mount, what’s the difference?


Flush mount lights are exactly what you’d expect: the light fixture and/or shade sit directly on the ceiling. Semi-flush mounts have a space between the canopy and the shade, typically up to six inches. If the room has extremely low ceilings, you’ll want to stick with a flush-mount light. If you have a bit more space to play with, you can expand your options by including semi-flush mount lighting on your short list. Either way, both of these types of fixtures can be mounted in areas where walking space below the light is needed.

Flush-mount: It’s all about the shapes


With flush mount lighting, much of the design and style of the light comes through in the fixture’s shape. Because they are intended to save vertical space, they tend to expand outward across the ceiling (compared to chandeliers, for example, that have a more up-and-down arrangement.) Of course, what’s going to work best will ultimately be guided by the rest of the design elements in the room and house. If it’s a modern-styled home, you can consider something rectangular or even cubist. An older home with a Victorian flare might benefit from a starburst-shaped fixture. Round flush-mount lights can be used in just about any space, and the fixture’s materials can be chosen to match the design of the room.

Semi-flush mount: More room to explore


Because semi-flush mounts have more vertical space, there is more variety with this type of fixture. First thing you’ll want to do when choosing a semi-flush mount fixture is to decide on the width, next take the dimensions of the room. The bigger the room, the wider the fixture will need to be to fit the space properly. The second consideration is the other light sources throughout the room. (If this fixture is going to be the primary lighting source for the room, you’ll want something wide.) Once you’ve decided what the best fixture width for your space will be, picking the best light fixture is all about choosing something that will fit with the design of your space, like we mentioned above. Something decorative with dangling glass or crystal elements will fit perfectly in a classically-styled home, while a caged fixture with vintage bulbs is the right choice for an industrial-style loft.

Need some suggestions? Not a problem. All you have to do is click here to upload a picture of your space, and our Denver lighting experts will get back to you with some excellent options you can peruse without even leaving your home!