Add a touch of elegance, romance, beauty, and style to your home with the perfect wall sconce lighting.

There’s nothing like great lighting to spruce up a dull (or dreary) room. Lighting, often overlooked by homeowners and newbie designers, is a defining factor that can make or break your home’s interior. While the ever-popular pendant lamp (we mean no disrespect to pendant lamps – they are popular for a reason) gets most of the attention these days, the oft-overlooked wall sconce offers a delicate balance between form and function and demands very little. 


In contrast to many other lighting fixtures, wall sconces are appropriate in nearly every room in your home. From the patio to the bedroom, the entryway to the laundry room, wall-mounted workhorses elevate the style and beauty of a space. 

Here are a few simple tips to help you revitalize the interior of your home with wall sconce lighting.

1. Upgrade the ambiance.

Using layers of illumination in the right way is the secret to perfect lighting. Flooding a space with too much light kills the warm and inviting vibe of a room, and too little light is dull, uninspired, and inefficient. Wall sconces used alongside recessed lights and pendant lamps, provide the perfect balance of luminosity. And wall sconce lighting used as a source of ambient light is ideal for sprawling corridors and high-ceilinged living spaces.  

2. Smart accent lighting. 

Medieval and tiki torches informed the design of the original wall sconces. While modern wall sconce lighting has evolved from its primitive origins, there’s still a hint of their former function in today’s fixtures. Wall sconces used as accent lighting to highlight artwork or architectural features, get the task of accent lighting done with effortless grace and style – not unlike the warm glow of a tiki torch or the lazy flicker of an oil lamp.

3. Easy task lighting. 

Wall sconces do as good a job of providing task light as any other fixture. But the placement has to be spot-on to get the job done right. For example, to create a comfortable reading nook, your wall sconce, and the area you want to be illuminated have to be in alignment to avoid shadows or dullness. Most modern wall sconces have flexible hands that move, making them ideal for task lighting and easing the burden of perfect placement.

4. Save Space. 

Wall sconce lighting maximizes floor space, making them an attractive solution for smaller rooms. Wall sconces simply stay out of the way. While floor or pendant lighting and even bedside table lamps take up a lot of space, wall-mounted lighting frees-up room for other tasks. It’s easy to understand why wall sconce lighting is a popular solution in the bedroom, but wall lighting also works in home offices where they help to keep your desktop free from clutter, leaving you to do your best work.

5. There are many shapes, sizes, and styles from which to choose. 

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to wall sconce lighting. The shapes, sizes, and styles are endless, ranging from mid-century and contemporary to traditional and unconventional. Before you make a purchase, however, you must consider the size, style (of course), and placement of the sconce. While larger wall sconces are great for accent lighting, task and ambient applications require more simple and focused illumination. 

6. Shadowplay. 

When it comes to wall sconce lighting, shadows make as much of a difference as the quality of light and the style of the fixture. Make sure the direction of light and pattern is appropriate for the application in your space. Many sconces offer exciting and dramatic shapes and shadows that have an exaggerated impact on the overall appearance and feel of the room.

7. Make an entrance. 

There are a handful of places in your home that could benefit from a wall sconce as a strictly decorative feature. An entryway is one of them. Most homes with a dedicated entryway also have a good primary light source nearby. Adding a wall sconce to one of the entryway walls creates a warm entry and is a perfect way to welcome guests into your home.

Wall sconce lighting is a versatile solution for every home. 

Three primary lighting styles work in concert to create balance and functionality in a room: task, ambient, and accent. Depending on where they are placed, wall sconce lighting can fit into all three categories. Visit one of our two convenient metro Denver showrooms to learn more about how these versatile fixtures can make your home sparkle! 


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