Outdoor lighting turns an average outdoor living space into a stylish extension of your interior.

As day turns to night, thoughtfully placed outdoor lighting provides a comfortable atmosphere, illuminates your summer meals, and lights a dark pathway to ensure a safe stroll back inside.  

Similar to lighting indoors, you can use a combination of table and wall fixtures or overhead lighting to make your outdoor space stylish and functional. In addition, you can also use lamps that sit on tables and on the ground, like hurricane lights and lanterns. Treat your outdoor living space as an extension of your interior with a combination of lighting fixtures and styles.

Like any other style of lighting, the search for the right combination of outdoor lighting fixtures can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Our team of lighting consultants is here to make the process easy and enjoyable. We work with you to determine the purpose, style, and needs of your outdoor space and find the best solution, not the most expensive solution.

Some things to keep in mind as you search for outdoor lighting:

If you’re looking for the best way to define edges or borders or wrap columns, banisters, or even trees, string lights are a classic and romantic solution.

We suggest that you incorporate three styles of lighting into your overall outdoor lighting scheme: ambient, task, and accent.

Before you begin your search for the perfect outdoor lighting fixtures, you’ll want to determine how much lighting you need. Similar to lighting an interior space, take into account the overall size of the area you want to illuminate.

Outdoor lighting helps keep your home secure and your family safe. When planning your outdoor spaces, light all of the entry points of your home: outside the garage, the sides of your house, and near side doors and windows.

LEDs are a great solution for outdoor spaces (as well as inside your home). They are energy efficient and almost maintenance-free. In Colorado, where we have sunny and warm days year-round, creating a comfortable exterior space that includes the perfect selection of outdoor lighting is a must. Drop by and chat with our lighting experts, and we will transform your outdoor living space.

If you are curious about our selection of high-quality outdoor lighting solutions, or need help finding the perfect combination of fixtures for your outdoor space, get in touch with our team of experts. We will guide you to the best solution to fit your unique style and needs.

About Galleria Lighting:

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been guiding Colorado’s consumers to the best lighting solutions for their needs. Whether you’re buying a task lamp or outfitting your smart home with the latest in lighting technology, you’ll enjoy the same level of expert service. Our experienced hands-on lighting specialists are here to guide you to the best solution – not the most expensive solution. Illuminate your home with experts you can trust.