Reinventions are the new modern decor. From chic to contemporary, you can reinvent even the most complex home decor items to suit the needs and soul of your home. This is especially favored with home furnishings such as cabinetry and lighting fixtures. When you’re ready to transform your bath, kitchen, dining room or hallway,  just a few light fixture accessories Denver CO will do the trick. You may even find some upscale fixtures at a local antique shop or estate sale.



To enhance the look of any lighting fixture, you must accessories to some degree. It’s quite possible to add a few minor adjustments to achieve the look and feel you want to your room. Accessorizing your home furnishings takes your room’s ambience to a whole new level. Your antique chandelier can be dressed with an antique bird cage for an electric look and feel. Transform your current fan and lighting with windmill blades and energy-efficient light bulbs.  A spray painted chandelier dramatically changes the look and adds a specific style to the room it is in. You can make a small transformation into a faceted lamp with some primer and paint as well. The options are truly endless, and homeowners enjoy the act of DIY because it opens a sense of wonder and enjoyment as they get a feel for their own personal style. And this style change can be as simple as added materials (fabrics) to a stand lampshade.

It’s important to keep in mind which room you’re planning to redesign. Are you renovating the entire room or just a few elements? For your modern kitchen, swapping your fixed ceiling lights with a few pednet lights will warm the kitchen space while subtly drawing guests to a specific point in your kitchen.


Other Ideas for Older Light Fixtures

Whether it’s an antique fixture that you’ve had in storage, or you’re ready to replace what you currently have, you can incorporate your older fixtures into beautiful accessories around your home. Here are just a few ideas for repurposing your old light fixture accessories Denver CO:

Bird Feeder/Bird Bath

A bird feeder and bath can be made out of practically anything, and when you have a glass fixture that is time to recycle, repurposing this into a bird feeder or bath makes a lovely addition to your garden.

Light Fixture Planter

Turn your ceramic lamp shade or ceiling fixture into a beautiful and modernized planter that hangs easily from any room in your home.

Outdoor Lighting

Spruce up your outdoor scene with some fancy lighting techniques. With an already stylish antique chandelier, you can repurpose it with a new coat of paint and add a cheerful glow of citronella candles to keep bugs at bay. Experiment with different options of lighting as well for your outdoor space.

Added Glow

Vintage or not, glass lantern pendant lights make a great upcycle light feature. Take your small or large glass lantern, fill it with LED string lights (color is up to you!), and place it on the deck, hallway, or even patio. Its warm and captivating glow is entertaining in itself and sure to enhance the look of your space.

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