Great lighting is always in style, but every year there are new trends worth exploring. Here are our picks for the top ten lighting trends of 2020. 


The world of lighting, much like the world of home furnishings, is ever-changing. There are classics, of course – lighting staples that transcend trends, like your favorite mid-century modern floor lamp, or a vintage table lamp that adds an eclectic touch to your transitional interior. And there are yearly trends, some with longevity. 


We hesitate to jump on fads, but each year, there are a handful of trends worth knowing. These are our top 10 lighting trends for 2020. 


Architectural Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are excellent for providing subtle accent light or extra illumination to a dim room. Architectural floor lamps with tripod legs, or an unexpected angle, grew in popularity this year, and we expect demand to increase in 2020. Architectural floor lamps command attention and enhance the style of every room, and since lighting is becoming more decorative, architectural fixtures and lamps can be the statement pieces in your room’s overall design.

Natural Materials

Natural materials like grasses, wood, burlap, glass, and metal are already common in lighting and interior design, and we predict that the popularity is going to grow next year. Lamps made with natural materials that include straight lines or geometric forms signify a return to nature, and work well with different design styles, from contemporary to traditional (for a surprising contrast). 


Geometric Designs

Geometric shapes give your lighting a casual and architectural feel, making these fixtures a great candidate for any room – especially the kitchen. You’re going to see more and more geometric shapes in the form of pendants and chandeliers throughout 2020. Mark our words. 


Brass or Gold Fixtures

Brass and gold fixtures are another 2020 lighting and design trend. Experts predict that brass and gold are the color of choice for accessories and lighting next year, and we’d have to agree. The trend picked up steam this year, and there are no signs that the design world’s gold fixation is going to end any time soon. Unlacquered brass and gold fixtures that age and patina over time are going to be particularly popular next year.  


Matte Black

Black is a favorite neutral for interior designers. It’s edgy, chic, and works with nearly every palette. It is for this reason that we think black, specifically matte black, is going to have a moment in 2020. Matte black lighting is luxurious, natural, and bold, and blends seamlessly with modern color schemes, or gives a dramatic contrast with white and grey Scandinavian-inspired interiors.


Clear Glass Pendants

Clear glass pendant lamps are a beautiful mash-up of industrial and rustic design— perfect for eclectic and mountain-inspired Colorado homes. We predict that next year, you’ll see a trend of clear glass pendants hung in clusters, and at different heights, with clean silhouettes and exposed Edison-style bulbs for a sophisticated look. 


Refined Industrial

We’ve noticed the influence of urban loft-inspired industrial lighting grow over the last decade. And while we still enjoy classic industrial lighting, tastes are shifting to a more refined industrial style. Lighting with industrial materials and shapes, but finished in brass (remember brass and gold are having a moment in 2020), matte black (another 2020 trend), or polished chrome are steadily gaining popularity, particularly in kitchen and dining room lighting fixtures. 


Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are an excellent choice for accent lighting. We hesitate to call them trendy, but the popularity of this fixture type is going to increase next year. Why? Because wall sconces can be hung to draw attention to artwork or to provide light for reading in bed, and, in an era where small fixtures and minimalist spaces are the trends, moving fixtures to the wall frees floor space for sleek furnishings and accent pieces. 


Wood Bead Fixtures

Bohemian-inspired and versatile, wood bead lighting is a unique way to add texture and natural materials (on-trend for 2020) to your room. Flush mount styles for the living room and chandelier or pendant styles for the dining room and kitchen are favorites of ours. 


LED Lighting

Lighting trends for 2020 aren’t limited to fixtures. Next year’s trends also apply to bulb types. LED lighting is already popular, but it’s going to gain steam in 2020. Why? Because LEDs are long-lasting, energy-efficient, free from harmful toxic materials, are excellent for smart homes and come in many shapes and sizes. 


There’s no shortage of inspiration for your 2020 lighting design projects in each of our two metro Denver showrooms. Add style and functionality to your home next year. Visit us!