Made popular for residential applications in recent years by the social media channel TikTok, LED strip lighting has actually been commonly used in restaurants, bars, and other commercial spaces for years. In case you aren’t familiar with the product, these lights are made on adhesive strips that can be stuck on any smooth surface. They often offer a rainbow of color options and even color combinations on the same strip. They are usually controlled by a remote control and LED strip lighting accessories might be the perfect addition to many spaces in your home. 

LED strip lighting under your cabinets

Under your cabinets are a great place to experiment with LED strip lighting. Not only will the addition add more light to a work space you use every day, it’s also a light source that’s less harsh on your eyes, especially when you’re working on delicate tasks. Adding LED strips under your cabinets will also add to the ambiance of the room, and you can even have fun with the colors for the holidays or special events. 

Consider adding them even lower

It seems like a no-brainer to add LED strips on the underside of your upper cabinets to illuminate the surface below, but have you considered adding them to the space between the bottom of the cabinets and the floor? Having LED lights in this space will add a light source to the floor and create an even safer environment for getting around.  

In your kid’s room

Kids love these LED strips and adding them to their room will be a delight. Consider adding a strip under the bed for a nightlight that offers a delicate glow but in their favorite color. The great news is that LED strips are easy to install and remove, so if they grow out of the night light phase, it’s an easy fix.   

LED strip lighting for your eyes

LED strip lighting can be used to backlight screens that you spend considerable time looking at like TVs or computers. The bright light that emanates from our everyday screens can be really hard on the eyes. Backlighting them can help to diminish eye strain and even make the picture on the screen appear more clear.