Excellent light quality enhances the look of even the dullest room. For example, it’s true that you can spruce up an outdated guest bedroom with ample window light and some modern lighting fixtures. In 2020, 88% of people used their personal style when picking out the lighting in their home. This means that personal style outweighed factors like current decor trends and energy efficiency. When it comes to the lighting in your home, you’ll certainly want the lighting scheme of each room to mingle with your personal style.

Light: More Than a Visual

When choosing efficient lighting for your home, consider the room in which lighting will be placed or adjusted. For example, rooms with wood paneling and variegated carpeting can be difficult to style. For whatever reason, your grandparents or family members chose to keep their home’s aesthetics very dated before turning it over to family. The good news is that with efficient modern lighting and proper fixture placement, you can spruce up this outdated room in no time. Bedrooms that mimic this outdated appearance may have drop ceilings with various textured tiles. In any case, to save money on renovations, proper lighting in these rooms can dramatically change the appearance of the room. Adding fashionable lighting accessories to your home can give it the boost you’re looking for, without the hefty expense of renovation.

Lighting Schemes for Your Home

Whether you have a room in mind to update or not, it’s important to figure out your lighting scheme in advance. Your kitchen, for example, is a gathering place for guests and family. The kitchen is where you prep food and cook, so ample lighting is top priority in this part of your home. Each room in your home has to serve a purpose. In places like Colorado, the lighting during the winter can be dull and dim. Your home may be located in a geographical area which makes certain portions of the house look a little dimmer and gray during the winter months, so it’s imperative to choose a lighting scheme that brightens the room, even during those “off seasons.” There are 5 types of lighting schemes to consider before shopping at a designer lights Denver Co. location. Efficient lighting schemes are based on downward and upward proportions. In no particular order, the first scheme is classified as semi-indirect lighting which throws 60-90% upward while the rest of the light is diffused off of other elements in the room. Next is what we know as direct lighting, which means that 90%-100% of the lighting will be directed towards an object, such as with street lamps and some industrial lighting. Semi-direct lighting uses deflectors that diffuse 60-90% of the light, while the rest of the light highlights the walls and ceilings. Lastly, diffused lighting offers light to surrounding areas by using shapely fixtures to give a systematic appearance to your room.

Keeping the Light On

You should choose a lighting scheme that best suits the style and function of that room. Aim for color contrasts by layering lights and mixing a variety of fixtures to enhance the appearance. Cabinet lighting is becoming popular in kitchens these days because they add just the right amount of light to your countertops. Pendant lighting is an easy way to decorate and add depth and style to your home, dining room, living area, and kitchen. Pendant lighting offers warm illumination, and can be adjusted to fit the style of your room.

Design possibilities are endless when it comes to your lighting scheme. Galleria Lighting provides exceptional lighting to complete your home’s theme. Stop by our designer lights Denver Co. showroom to view our student selections of pendants, chandeliers, and more.