You know the importance of proper lighting in your home, especially in focus areas such as the kitchen, bedroom, and dining rooms. Lighting can either detract from or enhance your room’s ambiance. When you’re looking to replace or add on to your already-existing lighting in whatever room, track lighting is a statement piece that can only increase the value and the comfort of the home it’s installed in.

Track Lighting 101

Before you visit your local track lighting fixtures Denver CO showroom, there are a few things you should know. The three types of tracks you should know of are Lightolier, Halo, and Juno. While they are similar to each other in terms of dual or single circuits and contain standard track types, they’re not interchangeable and are different in terms of where they’re being used.

The H-type track has a completely grounded bus bar, whereas the other two track types can have it built into the body. Most homes and businesses carry each type of standard because of its design advantage and sufficiency. Although the Halo and Juno type tracks don’t have a grounded bus bar, one can be installed.

Why Should I Consider Track Lighting?

While the many options of styles will have your mind swirling with ideas, consider your “why” for track lighting installation. If you’re looking for adjustable lighting or if you need a focal point with more illumination, track lighting can provide these simple solutions. For example, museums and restaurants have track lighting to showcase art on the walls and create a more intimate comfortable setting when dining out. Track lighting makes excellent accent lighting.

The Best Track Lighting for Your Home

As you can see, track lighting can add the perfect balance of comfort and style without an overwhelming overflow of lighting. So the best track lighting for your home should be one that will enhance the look of the room. Consider the number of lights you feel is necessary for that room. You want accurate lighting as well as a great looking light fixture. The brightness and wattage are important factors for giving off the right output. For example, 400 lumens LED will be less bright than 800 lumens.

Bedrooms are considered more intimate and cozy at night, so choosing the right bedroom lighting is essential. You would typically want a fixture with adjustable lighting. Overhead track lighting provides a statement and can be customized with modern pendant lights that offer a classic, intimate look to your bedroom space.

Kitchens are a typical place you would find track lighting. Whether placed over an island or mounted on the ceiling or on the wall, your track lighting should be mounted above your countertop or working station. Your ideal track lighting system is what you deem functional, and an asset to your kitchen space. Layered track lighting or mixed lighting fixtures such as wall fixtures or pendants, can provide an array of focused brightness around the kitchen.

Track lighting also provides excellent accent lighting as well. Whether in the kitchen, the hallway, or living room, targeted and flexible accent lighting is used to enhance a specific area of your room without swallowing too much attention.

When you’re absolutely sure which room you’re looking to install track lighting in, contact a local track lighting fixtures Denver Co expert for tips and installation assistance.

Lighting is everything, and with the variety of choices, the ideas for design are endless. Galleria Lighting provides exceptional modern lighting fixtures for your kitchen, bathroom, and more. Shop online now, or visit one of their convenient locations to get an in-person experience!